About Visualize Authenticity


Hey Royalties! Welcome to my palace(Visualize Authenticity)

 I’m Sacha a creative queen, visual artist, and Inspirational blogger. I love psychology, philosophy, and chocolate. I also believe that the world is full of different type of royalties. 

I blog about my passion, which is to see a mask free world, with no need to be like anyone else.

I understand the horror and relief of a divorce; I can feel empathy (since I went through it) for women who have been pregnant and had a stillborn, I know about financial and emotional losses.

However, in the palace (Visualize Authenticity) I will share with you how I regained my confidence by knowing and understanding self-acceptance. Knowing my value from within allowed me to stand in my greatness when the world thru bricks at me.

I’m a single mother who wakes up every day and tells herself, “you will be who you were created to be, not who the world expects you to be” Now, I’m telling you to put on your crown be who you were created to be, and follow me. Let’s have a great time in this life; we are only here for a limited time.



P.s. Only follow me if

You are a creative woman who is ready to look in the mirror and regain your confidence. 

If so, Join me at the playground (visit my blog often) to find a lot of different hands on activities and writing prompts like “A chat with myself”, “Visual empowerment worksheets” and more.

I want you to be able to find self-reflection questions like in the blog A mask Called Denial.  I also want you to enjoy creative empowerment activities like "Your Own Personal Acronym" and Let’s relax our minds and have fun with this post,  These posts will help you cope and understand your journey.


We might get dirty (it takes guts to look within), but we will stand, walk and talk in our greatness. You can visit the empowerment palace, where I have a lot of visual empowerment for you to look at, by the way I’m addicted to pictures, art and craft.

p.s. I'm not your normal blogger, I love to stand out and do the unexpected.

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