Being tired can be a superstition

Today I want to speak about superstition and being tired.

According to the online dictionary superstition means irrational belief usually founded on ignorance or fear and characterized by obsessive reverence for omens, charms, etc. a notion, act or ritual that derives from such belief.

In other word, superstition is a personal belief connected to our core emotions (fear, doubt, happiness, etc.)

For this reason, I ask could our feeling tired be a superstition?

For instance, have you ever said, I’m so tired. Then the following day you find yourself saying again, I’m so Tired.  Next thing you know your constantly saying “I’m so tired”

Could it be that being tired has turned into a superstition in your life, you believe that you  are tired, but in reality is something else. It could be a situation that you are avoiding, it could be anxiety, etc.

Let me give you a brief example, If a married couple start having financial problems, and they refuse to talk about it. Consequently, stress will built and fearful thoughts will create a self mechanism (denial) check out whats-your-self-defense-mechanism

Since the married couple refuse to face their financial crisis, they will start to constantly say I’m tired, and after-while  believe that they are exhausted and behave in a drag-full way.

You may be thinking they are tired stress can cause “insomnia and more.

However, as I mentioned in the beginning superstition means irrational belief usually founded on ignorance or fear.

Therefore, is not that the couple is really tired, is the fear of confronting their crisis that is making them believe that they are tired and need more sleep, more rest, a vacation, a day off, a day at the spa….. (you get the picture)

When in reality what the couple need to do is face their debt.

(tired can also be due to illness, please check with your doctor)

(Check out this article) 14 Reasons You’re Always Tired


I want to hear your thoughts about tired being a superstition.


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42 Responses

  1. Never quite thought of tired this way, but definitely left me with some great food for thought now on this 😉

  2. Star Traci says:

    I had never thought of it this way. I can see how the fear of something and avoidance could create a downward spiral. I’ll have to think on this more!

  3. I don’t think I would ever call it a superstition but I do think we use the word far too loosely.

  4. LuAnn Braley says:

    I’ve not thought about being tired all the time in that manner before. Interesting.

  5. Susie Ellis says:

    Interesting thinking but I don’t think I would consider being tired a superstition. I never have trouble sleeping but I have a friend who has only slept for 2 or 3 hours a night for the last 10 years & is beyond stressed about it. As a hypnotherapist I wonder if we become attached & almost comfortable in distress – is that easier to live with than that we are fearful of?

    • sacha says:

      I think is all about the definition we give to the word superstition. Because when we get addicted to stress and negativity when can be bored and say im tired. When in reality tired is not the problem. Since superstition is a belief i figure that w.e. emotion we believe we have…we have but also we need to check out with a dr about illness and such.

  6. I never thought of it that way. I am guilty of saying I’m tired all the time. I think it’s time to reverse that.

  7. LadyNicci says:

    Not sure if it’s a superstition, generally when I’m tired, I’m tired! Course having a small baby means you are always tired!

  8. I think it speaks to the thought of, that which we ponder on most is that which comes to us, also I’m reminded of those who use escapism as a means of “dealing” with issues rather than actually dealing with them. The art of deflection.. So many thoughts are triggered by this post. Thank you for the brain work out! 🙂

  9. I can see how stress, anxiety or fear can cause tiredness and also that thinking you’re tired can make you tired. Maybe it shows that tackling problems is the best option.

  10. Jennifer B says:

    I do believe that the more we repeat negative things, or positive things, the more we tend to believe them, so this makes sense to me.

  11. Ronke says:

    This is a really interesting concept, I have never thought of tiredness like this. It actually makes sense to some degree. Although I also think its important to listen to your body when it’s trying to tell us to rest. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I do get tired extremely easy, but this is as I have Chronic fatigue syndrome. I am told to rest when I have energy and move around when I am shattered.

  13. Alecia @CSNY says:

    At the moment I’m always tired due to a toddler who refuses to sleep! I definitely feel like I use ‘tired’as an easy catch all phrase when I’m a little off though

  14. This has made me think, I always say I’m tired, 8 times out of 10 it is because I am, although now I’m wondering why I say it for the other 2 times? boredom, hunger, frustration? or just because it’s an easy ‘safe word’ as such. Good post! :-)x

  15. Cristine says:

    I agree with your thought. Is similar to when someone asks are you ok and you answer fine. You weren’t fine but you don’t want to admit the problem. Things can’t get better without confronting your fear.

  16. Mike Gardner says:

    An interesting take on tiredness Sacha, I wonder if its superstition or a self fulfilling phrophecy?

  17. Crystal says:

    Tired can also be due to kids.. ha! But yes, some people do put up a wall and refuse to deal with what needs to be dealt with.

  18. Zoe Alicia says:

    I am one of those people who constantly says ‘I’m tired’. Very thought provoking piece as always.. x

  19. sandra says:

    Never thought of it this way, I think using the excuse of I am tired is definitely a way not to face or talk about issues bothering us and then in turn if it is something you continue to say, it is like a affirmation and your right you will begin to believe you tired even when your not

  20. What a interesting way of looking at it. I think you’ve nailed something here and I will be more mindful about when me or my partner are feeling tired from now on

  21. Alex says:

    I totally hear what you’re saying but I don’t think I’d call it a superstition. I spent many a day in bed ‘tired’ when I was depressed, when I fact I wasn’t truely tired. I now have a 2 1/2 year old that wakes in the night, and I also suffer with an interactive thyroid, so when I say I’m tired, I’m definitely tired! X

  22. I’ve thought about this before, if you convince yourself your tired you will believe it! If you convince yourself your not tired and you need to be up first thing you won’t feel as tired. Or at least thats how I’ve felt in the past. Great post x

  23. Claire says:

    Very true! I’m always saying I’m tired but I do know there are underlying issues going on that are making me say it. I know if things were different I wouldn’t be saying it as much.

  24. Emma T says:

    I’m not sure that superstition is quite the right word.. Communication is definitely the thing that

  25. Eimear says:

    I completely agree with this, I find i fyou dwell on being tired you get worse whereas if you just say to yourself get up and go then you’ll find the energy from somewhere if you’re fit and healthy!

  26. Kay says:

    I have never thought of it like that, but being stressed is extremely tiring …so you are in fact tired? I know what is tiring…. cluster feeding! xxx

  27. Aly says:

    No, it’s nothing to do with superstition.It’s an excuse you use to get out of doing something, or when you have to talk about something important.

  28. Rocio Chavez says:

    Interesting take. I agree that what you say you become so if you’re tired of being tired, you can start by changing that thought from I’m tired to an affirmation – I have all the energy I need to get through this day.

  29. I think that you’re absolutely on to something here… I say ‘I’m tired’ all the time, it’s like my default setting! For me, I see it as just a repetitive phrase I use – like saying ‘Lovely day’ when you greet someone in the street… interesting article!

  30. I am a rare exception to the case as I am constantly exhausted due to health issues but telling yourself that you are tired does equate to feeling worse.

  31. Hil says:

    Interesting theory on it.

  32. Jenn Roberts says:

    Hmm, never thought of it that way. I’d have to give this one some more thought. Great post! Thanks for linking up!

  33. Erica says:

    It is interesting how people can dance around the issues. It takes discipline to face your core issues. An eye-opening perspective on what is really holding us back.

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